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3 Responses to S I R E N S

  1. lemmiwinks says:

    Oh my! ;)

    I’m curious, in a shoot such as this, do you direct them at all (I imagine it would be weird saying “Now grab her boob”)? Is there music or anything playing? Chit-chat or silence?

    • Justin Fox says:

      Good question!

      I ALWAYS have music going. The 2 portable Bose bluetooth units I’ve got come in handy as I can move them around the house to different rooms, outside, and also, like in this situation, other locations.

      I’ve not worked with Cacia before, and it was an experience to behold, especially for Jess. Cacia dances, quite literally! She moves to the music. It’s fluid, and it won’t suit photographers who are after specific poses as she doesn’t tend to hold poses for long (I’m sure she can if need be).

      I shoot damn fast, so it really suited my shooting style. Cacia also really just moved Jess around lots, and inspired Jess to try and ‘keep up’. Jess would definitely have picked up some modelling tips from Cacia (who she thought was just next level pro!).

      And yes, of-course there was a lot of chit chat and laughs. I directed very little, if anything sometimes I wanted to make sure both of them had the same face on at the same time (rather than one person laughing, and the other putting on a “dead face”), and sometimes I’d ask for more geometric poses too. After I’d nail each shot we would discuss which location in the house to move to, and where I would/could be shooting from.