So I made a life choice yesterday

#lessismore – Gross right? But hey it is a part of me!

I cracked a tooth on my (not so) recent trip to Japan and I’ve been meaning to see a dentist since, but I’ve also been meaning to design more stuff for ZEN Garage, and logo design work for mates, and WTAC and renew my passport and check my email… you get the idea.

Nek minnit I get the sharpest most excruciating pain from the fucking tooth. My bad! I couldn’t sleep the night, but booked in with a local dentist the next day for 4PM (thank goodness they were willing to squeeze me in).

I got there an hour early, not smart as I could hear the fucking high pitched whirring of the dentist drill and that fucking hose sucker thing the assistant shoves in your mouth from the waiting room. I’ve only been to the dentist a handful of times since I was a little kid because I am fucking scared of the dentist. Tattoos, no worries? Dentists? They can go get fucked.

So I finally get ushered into this tiny room. The leather chair is all ripped up, like something out of The Matrix’s Nebuchadnezzar. This little old man says stuff but I don’t hear a thing. I’m pretty much paralised. I lye down, lady hands me some sunnies to wear, which was somewhat of a relief! I explain the cracked tooth, he says I’m a very naughty boy, and proceeds to give me 2 options:

1 – For $1300 I can have root canal surgery which would take 2 days. IE: Today and tomorrow.
2 – For $250 he could rip it out.

OK… so in the state I was in I didn’t understand either option. I had no time to think. It wasn’t the money that was an issue. I asked about health issue for pulling it out, whether there would be further complications down the line etc. He assured me there wasn’t and that my X-Ray showed I do have another tooth under there that could come out.

Not wanting to go through any more pain I opted for him to rip it out.

I tried to read his and her reaction, but I couldn’t read anything. Did I make the right decision?! Before I knew it the assistant handed the Dentist a shiny set of shiny steel pliers that look much like shit we use to work on cars with. He grabbed the tooth and started applying huge pressure, then started twisting the fucker clockwise, anti-clockwise until it came out.

That’s a real life horror movie right there.

So instead of cabbing it home I walked home as I felt fucked up and had to walk it off. The long walk (made worse maybe because of all the blood I was had to swallow en-route) had me thinking all sorts of shit. I felt old. Like the gummy oldies in The Simpsons. I was gummy, and this tooth in my pocket has been spinning me out. I mean, shit, WTF is that?! It’s so alien. I love it. It’s even got nerve ending on the end of it the little bastard. And now it’s out the pain has gone? Wow, just so trippy.


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3 Responses to So I made a life choice yesterday

  1. Paul says:

    Holy shit! Hahaha!

  2. lemmiwinks says:

    Gettin’ old sucks but it’s better than the alternative! I figure the best you can do is keep fit and keep learning, trying to keep up with the cool kids will be doomed to failure IMO. Anyway, I’ve had root canal (it was a front tooth and I didn’t want to have it pulled out and look like fucking Cletus the Slack Jawed Yokel) and extraction, neither is great.

    I can 100% guarantee you would have flipped your shit with the root canal though – they use these special little “files” which are really serrated thin wires that they rasp in and out of a hole they drill in the side of your tooth to access the root canal (where the root was before they dragged it all out). The noise is, err, interesting.

    On the plus side, it doesn’t hurt at all. I was stressing major ballsack the whole time though because I’d been told horror stories of the tip of the file getting stuck and breaking off in the tooth. That means extraction of the tooth and I’m back to looking like Cletus.

    I still have the tooth going grey to look forward to lol!

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