Suga’s Giant TCR Alliance W

We ordered this Giant TCR Alliance W bike through MC Cyclery many months ago and we were’nt expecting it to come in until week 2 of 2009. We got it before the initial 10% price rise that Giant made world wide but we were about to get caught up in the new 15% price rise as of January 1st (all bikes not yet in the country by Jan 01, despite a deposit, will incur the new price hike). So awesome then that Giant shipped it earlier than expected!

1st thing Suga did was “fix” the drawing on the box.

In she gets!

Oh hello!

Packed super tight.

Another litthe box of surprises. The little adjustment screws on these new brakes make setting up the brakes so damn easy.

8.6kg’s (without pedals).

Suga was so happy.

Suga carrying bike off…

… um where are you going hun?

Bike on the bed in the bedroom!!! I thought I was sick but this takes the cake!

She’s a beauty.

Carbon goodness.

More pics on her bike thread on Bikes Move

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