Susan Avery

Garden bicycle outside of Susan’s shop.

There are a LOT of really interesting elements to play with.

Testing and choosing tealights for the 18 tables at reception.

A while ago Christina and I met up with Susan Avery who’s known as one of Australia’s better known florist with over 25 years experience. She’s done over 4000 weddings to date (view her work here) and despite knowing that she was perhaps going to be the most expensive option out there, we thought we’d at least see her and get a quote.

She’s got a lovely shop in Woollahra and a few minutes into our initial meeting we both fell in love with her and her work. She’s a lovely lady, very stylish, passionate and confidence inspiring.

It’s been a month, we’ve seen another florist in the meantime (who was half the price) but today we went back to see Susan and we’ve decided to lock her in. I think it’s been a little strange, and maybe refreshing for both florists to have the groom at the meetings, but hey…I felt right at home helping Christina to choose a design direction for our big day. I’m pretty sure that what we’re going for, which is definitely something different to the typical white and green wedding flower arrangements out there, will blow our guests away.

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