Thoughts on Apartment vs House living

All black erythang!

It’s been over a month since I’ve moved in to the new apartment. Thought I’d jot down some thoughts in relation to Maroubra vs. Rosebery, House vs Apartment.

Things about Maroubra that I miss:
– Being able to play music and my guitar VERY loud!
– The MUCH cooler and fresher air (it’s really hot and dry in Rosebery!).
– Heated towel rails (they’re just SO good!).
– Zip tap (well it wasn’t working anymore in Maroubra, but I still miss having instant boiling water to make my morning coffee).
– A kitchen island that I can eat at (even though I ate on the floor at the coffee table). The new apartment’s kitchen bench doesn’t have room for my knees).
– Safe and easy mail deliveries (getting parcels to an apartment feels sketchy, especially if they leave the parcel next to the lift on floor 1).

Things I don’t miss about Maroubra:
– Being in the middle of nowhere and having to Uber Eats a lot (I just walk out and eat now, so many cafes and supermarket is a block away).
– The damp (lots of mould) and the salty air rusting everything I own.
– House was just way too big to keep clean.
– Having to remember garbage days (new apartment has a garbage chute on my floor, and a massive garbage area in the carpark where I can throw away oversized items (all year round council clean-up basically!).

All in all I’m loving the apartment. It’s much smaller, thus a lot easier to keep clean. Having lots of smaller rooms means I’m using each of the rooms fo different things (whereas I had everything in the main room at Maroubra and never walked in to the other spare rooms). There’s heaps of awesome food in the area and the woolies is a block away (no more delivery needed!). Rosebery is so central too (I’ve been doing weekly trips to the Bunnings in Alexandria and IKEA at Tempe!).

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