Translucent Roller Blinds

I had Wonderful BFS over again today to install translucent roller blinds for all rooms of the apartment.

The apartment faces west, so I get the harsh afternoon sun full blast. It gets so hot in here that I can’t walk on the floorboards. I’ve legit had to use the air conditioning daily (I’m currently looking for some fans as I’d prefer not to use air conditioning), closing the blockout blinds was an option, but I’d prefer to still let natural light in so these translucent blinds were a no brainer.

I had them in Maroubra, but never used them (I always just had the full block-out blinds down at all times and only rolled them up for shoots). Funny how now that I’m in a better place (mentally). I MUCH prefer the blinds to be up!

It’s 5.30PM now. Damien (the installer) has been at it since 2PM. What was meant to be a pretty straight forward job has been a nightmare for him as he’s had to drill through steel beams as well as concrete to get the blinds installed (poor guy has been huffing and puffing all day!). I’m really happy with the blinds though, they look amazing and they block out so much heat (yet still let a decent amount of light through!). I doubt I’ll be using the full block-out blinds much anymore, but it’s good that I still have the option as they’re still installed (IE: double blinds on all sliding doors).

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