VWGolf.net.au Homebush Meet ‘n Greet

Due to last minute all over the place organisational skills, last night I had 2 forum meets on at the same time, in different locations. A VWGolf.net.au meet at Homebush and a JDMST meet in Blacktown.

I had intentions to attend the JDMST meet, but before driving out I thought I’d drop in to the VWG meet first, and perhaps make my way to Blacktown afterwards. I picked Christina up from work, got caught in killer traffic on the way to Eastwood (to get her car) and when we got to Homebush I got a call to warn me not to bother going to the JDMST meet as it was pitch black (no street lights) and no parking either.

Homebush was pretty packed out too, we had a big bunch, hung around for a while then drove to Rhodes to take photos of the cars in more light (at that stage I put the camera away and did the social thing instead!).

Many more photos here and photos from the JDMST meet (400 cars strong apparently!) here.

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