VWGolf.net.au TRACK DAY – Wakefield Park

Grrr M5.

My mate Dave was there. He’s still bitter about me not showing up to his B’day party last year (Hi Dave!). We had the traditional Hungry Jacks meal on the way back home too.

The Golf had lots of power but no brakes, at all.

Yonas and Zi were out too. Zi did a 1.07 today (daym!).

I made my return to the track today. Not in the GT-R, but in a VW Golf (funny how things work out!). I think it’s been about 2 years or so since I’ve been on the circuit. Usually I get nervous the night before, but not so this time, even Christina was up for taking her car out on the track (so proud of my baby!).

Clear weather but damn cold (hey great for the turbo cars!) we got caught in crap M5 traffic (the tunnel again!) and when we finally got to Wakefield we were a little upset at how many cars there were in street class. Luckily there were so many of us that they set up a new group which made the day feel more like a private track day (nice!).

I managed consistent 1.13’s all day despite having absolutely no braking power at all. My best time was a 1.13.07 (oh so close to a 1.12!). I’ll have to now look into bigger brake$$$$$$$.

You can view a lot more pics and commentary here:

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