Warframe – I’m addicted

200hrs in 2 weeks. So addicted to this game right now!!!

This morning I log in and get a message to say there’s a special ribbon I can wear on my character. What it represents:

Help us support those with Leukemia.

This September we’re introducing an item to the Warframe community that tells a story.

A wearable orange ribbon – signifying Leukemia awareness month – will be given to all players with the option to equip it and show support in game.


Cancer is a devastating disease – even more-so when support is unavailable to those suffering. At Digital Extremes we’ve committed to learning everything we can about helping those with Leukemia as it is a cancer that has hit very close to home.

This month we’re asking you to show your support and spread awareness about helping organizations support those with Leukemia. Wearing this ribbon will do just that.
If you’re able, we’re also setting up a DE team for the Light The Night Walk on October 14 in our hometown of London Ontario. As a company we are matching any donations made to our team.

Tenno, we ask you to consider supporting one of our own however you can. Your Harmony Ribbon is waiting for the month of September in-game and will be removed when September ends. All you have to do is log in starting September 1st at 11 a.m ET.

Our team: https://secure.e2rm.com/registrant/TeamFundraisingPage.aspx?langPref=en-CA&TSID=789140

Further Reading: http://www.llscanada.org/leukemia

Thank you, Tenno!

NOW THAT IS AWESOME! Great Devs, great community, great game! The game is free too, check it out: WARFRAME.COM

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  1. lemmiwinks says:

    Ha ha, was wondering where you’ve been. Should’a known.

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