I’ve seen this guy around a few times outside. He’s awesome at killing massive spiders (mostly huntsmen), ripping their legs off then flying away with just their fat bodies.

Today I was just working away in the office (aka man cave) and this fella came buzzing in! I have no idea how he got into the house. I assume under the garage door perhaps. I freaked out, ran out of the room (it’s not easy to run out of here as I have to go around the desk!) and slammed the door shut. I grabbed the spray from upstairs and in a whimpy fashion I sprayed the fuck out of my office. He didn’t sound too happy, his buzzing got louder and he was smashing into walls and windows but he finally fell to the ground. Poor guy, amazing creatures, didn’t mean to kill him but I wasn’t brave enough to somehow catch him and let him out.

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2 Responses to Wasp

  1. Dave says:

    lol you big girl!!!!!

  2. Carey says:

    Holy fucking shit… that thing looks massive. Can't blame you for being shit scared, would probably kill you if it stung.