We’re gonna be on TV part 2

Our R32’s.

Christina’s interview.

Andy and Herman shooting the GT-R.

Lumix in video mode mounted outside my GT-R.

Yesterday we finished off the 2nd day of shooting with Herman and Andy. They came over at 10am and already the sun was bitey. It turned out to be the hottest day so ever and being under the sun from 10am-5pm took it’s toll on Herman’s face which was ridiculously burnt. I also lost about 5kg in sweat as the GT-R has no air-con, nor any lining so I was basically sitting in a tin oven sweating like I’ve never sweated before! It wouldn’t have been so bad if I could have had the windows down, but with them down I couldn’t hear instructions over the walkie talkie so I had to have them up!

Talking about cars in the interview was so much more enjoyable than talking about design and I thought both Christina and i did really well in the interviews. Also really chuffed to see the boys use a Lumix GF1 for some of the on-board footage. I love my camera and had no idea if was good enough to shoot film for TV!

It’s all in their hands now. Bit nervous and hoping we don’t come across as idiots in the final product!

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