Why do people hate players that spend money so much?

The shit stirrer in me refuses to die. This morning I came across a reddit post, specifically on the Diablo Immortal subreddit that was titled: “Why do people hate players that spend money so much?”. I come across a LOT of stupid shit on reddit that’s so stupid I can’t be bothered responding, but I like to pick my fights, and this was one I couldn’t resist.

The OP states that he’s spent $1,200 in the game, a lot less than other players, and when he let people know in a previous thread he copped a lot of hate. He then used the analogy of spending $1K a month on a gardener, or a yearly gym membership, and that these 2 unessential things aren’t considered stupid so why should spending the same amount in a game be seen as being stupid.

He wraps up with just wanting to know why people care so much with what he spends on the game.

I responded by saying that his opening line of suggesting that he had spent $1,200 in the game but “others had spent a lot more” instantly discredits him. Just because you suck a lot less than others that suck doesn’t mean you don’t suck.

Then I went to town on his analogies as IMHO both are generally seen as being way more constructive things in life than spending $1,200 on a mobile phone game. It’s arguable that tree trimming and mowing grass in your garden is an essential part of house ownership, and too right, as he suggested, no one should ever think that someone who’s wanting or trying to get fit is stupid.

On his last point about people caring so much. I suggested that he seems to be the one that cares so much as he’s the one who’s made this post in search for some sort of validation on spending $1,200 on a mobile phone game.

Ruthless! Right?

At this time his post had been up for a few hours and gotten a fair few upvotes and a LOT of responses. Despite my post being way down the page I unsurprisingly got a stupid reply. In his response he explains that his point is that it’s his money, and that he should be able to do whatever he wants with it, but “people like me” seem to care too much to understand.


I replied and suggested that ultimately most people would agree that it’s his money and that he can do whatever he chooses to do with it, but that doesn’t mean they’re not allowed to have an opinion on whether or not spending $1,200 on a mobile phone game is stupid, or not. And in regards to “caring”. Just because someone “hates” on him for spending $1,200 on a mobile phone game doesn’t mean they care?

I refreshed the page 30 minutes later and sadly the OP had deleted the entire thread. Damn it! I was really looking forward to getting the popcorn out. My inner troll is unsatisfied!

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