Zen Garage Working Bee

Sean and Rob worked on installing some wooden flooring for the shop which was very kindly donated to us by VWGolf.net.au member Stephen Lee.

Flooring installed.

We’re getting there!

Rob also got busy installing carpet tiles in the office.

It’s a dramatic change and acoustics are now much improved (less echo!).

My new ergo chair has a billion and one adjustments!

I was sweating it out in the gallery installing a picture hanging rail system.

The gallery is now all ready to go! Keep an eye out on our first gallery opening soon.

The Capozzi Brothers came in to drop off some awesome JDM FD literature for our library, they ended up helping us paint the front of the space too.

Sergio and Claudio are huge car guys, so too their Dad who owns this refreshingly different Lancia Montecarlo.

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One Response to Zen Garage Working Bee

  1. Stan says:

    Looking great, still need to find the time to come visit… shame you’re not open on the weekends :(