ZEN Track Day Duffle Bag is in from Italy!

ZEN Track Day Duffle Bags have landed from Italy!

Made of genuine Nomex flame-resistant race suit material.

Seatbelts for straps!

All black hardware.

Plenty of space for a helmet and shoes.

Hand made with love by Attitude Supply in Italy.

Our ZEN Track Day Duffle Bags have landed from Italy! This has been years in the making, and it’s our first real product, real as in designed (IE: we didn’t just slap a ZEN logo on a bag, we designed this ground up!). It’s our new direction going forwards!

I’ve only made 50 of them and will keep 10 and sell the other 40 in the shop. The quality is so fucking unreal. I’m so stoked!

We’e priced these way under the usual 100% markup as we’d rather people rock them1 Find these bags in the shop!
SHOP: https://shop.zengarage.com.au/

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