ZEN Tumblr is back!


More proof that it pays to invest into your own platforms than others. With thousands of my photographs flagged NSFW I figure it’s best to simply tear my photography tumblr down, but that’s been far from simple as removing the thousands of images hasn’t been easy. The tumblr mass editor only let me manually select and delete 100 images at a time. It’s taken me just under 1.5hrs to delete all my images dating back to 2014.


The ZEN Tumblr is all broken too. Many images of motorcycles and art have been flagged and there’s no easy way for us to delete all these flagged posts as lots of them are reblogs (we didn’t upload the original image). We’ve found a theme that allows us to embed our Soundcloud Playlist without either spitting out the code, or making the playlist restart every time you want to load more images. It’s a hack, but hey, hacking has always been the way forward, right?!

HAUNT: http://zengarage.tumblr.com

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