Zoomer goodies

The ugly old standard gas cap had to go. I had to grind down the 2 tabs (used a dremel) to mount the new cap on top of it.

New KCP cap mounted up. Made by a guy in Holland who designs makes and sells his own parts.

More goodies came in the mail today, this time from BOWLS LA where I was in fact buying T-Shirts but ended up with a whole lot of Zoomer parts!

New Takegawa radiator cover. Not sure if I like it, kinda like no radiator cover at all to be honest.

K&N filter with shield. Had to shave off some rubber (luckily I’ve got killer sharp blades) to get it to fit right.

Kijima radiator coolant tank replaces the stock plastic tank.

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One Response to Zoomer goodies

  1. Paul says:

    so much fun!