Zoomed out

Really happy with the fatty set-up. Will wrap up the exhaust header soon. Still thinking about tiny old school brake lights and turn signals and shaving off the tabs that used to hold the stock blinkers.

I’ve been riding around without a rear view mirror, it’s pretty freaky. After today’s ride I’ve decided to keep one. If you look at the goodies picture in my previous post you’ll spot a bar-end mounted round mirror which I’ll get on the bike soon (waiting on new grips first). Still tempted to try an HID style headlight to eliminate the round headlights, not sure I’d like it though and also HATE the gold forks and very long brake and speedo cable. Hate the speedo too but I look at it lots so it’s got to stay.

Again, hate the gold forks and rear shock. Love the functionality of the ATR rear shock so I might try to strip the gold anodizing with oven cleaner, or something. Front forks are too high, need to be an inch lower so I’m looking into lower forks (not gold next time) and also a front disc brake set-up and gloss black alloy wheel (front wheel is matte grey and steel) which will brake better, look nicer and also eliminate the long drum brake cable.

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