Miles’ B’day

B’Day boy, chillin’ out eating some cheese pre-party.

Richie brewed up some special (India Pale Ale) B’Day beer.

The cake table. Jamie and Richie went to town with the party decorations!

Healthy dips and lots of naughty finger food too.

A photo a month.

Jade. We have happy little guests!

Deb and Koby, who’s really into dinosaurs right now.

Andrew, Lachlan & Jayden

Eve and Jaydon, who’s not sure if he likes chocolate coated strawberry’s or not.

Cake cutting time!

Jamie broke 2 mixers making this cake.

And what a surprise inside, the kids loved it!

Mum played a traditional game where she laid out items on the ground, each representing a different path in life. Miles went for the calculator which represents business, despite Richie yelling out for him to grab the cash HAHA.

B’Day boy Miles was pretty chillax all day.

Take away lolly bags!

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3 Responses to Miles’ B’day

  1. Astred says:

    Happy birthday Miles! You’re still as cute as ever, even though you’re almost grown up now ;)
    Well done Jamie and Richie for an awesome looking party.

  2. Dan says:

    Fab. shots, what camera / lens?

  3. Justin Fox says:

    Dan – Just a GF1 with 20mm pancake lens.