#winning. Sean with the trophy!

Hey Felix! Shooting for ClubITR.

Mad Mike from the US signing stuff for the kiddies.

Japanese police car – Brilliant!

Original wide-body Starion, lovely.

Gunmetal grey, bronze CE28’s. Must shoot my GT-R with this RX7 pronto!

They’ve done a fab job with the bar on the mezzanine. With the heater on full blast and cold beers, lots of people were trapped in there on the day.

Spotted this Kuwahara, famous for the flying BMX scene in E.T. the movie.

Epic late night drifting was epic.

The prediction was rain, but it never really came. Wind died down a little too. The vibe was electric and being a Saturday there were double the punters in attendance. The Show n’ Shine on the skid pan was packed full of quality cars, most of them Japanese as expected.

Later in the day the Cyber EVO dropped oil on the circuit, their campaign was over. By the end the top 3 spots went to Aussies. Simply amazing!

For more images, and links to more WTAC features, be sure to visit JDMST.

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One Response to ZEN GARAGE @ WTAC DAY 2

  1. lemmiwinks says:

    No loop tail = no ET bike, just the el cheapo one, probably Apollo.

    Loop tail “ET” bike: http://www.dreamgate.ne.jp/kuwahara/history/et_06.jpg
    Non loop tail Apollo: http://www.dreamgate.ne.jp/kuwahara/history/apollo_et3.jpg

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