Zen Garage @ WTAC Day 1

Our stand.

Collab is key and sharing is caring. :)

CT the ADVAN man.

Brendan (the dude who built the amazing Sillbeer) and the ADVAN girls.

Signed by Nobuteru Taniguchi (aka NOB).

All new, not yet released Forza was a feature at the Hankook stand. Graphics and gameplay were awesome!

Great buddies Mark Pakula and Garth Ivers.

Not the best shot of Photographer Extraordinaire Matthew Mead.

Last years winner, the Cyber EVO unloading next to our stand.

The rain held out but it was so damn windy our stall almost blew away. The strong winds were trouble for the drivers too but it didn’t stop Nemo, the wild and much debated Australian EVO entry from cracking a 1:25.7400, a massive 3 seconds faster than last year’s winner the Cyber EVO from Japan.

ADVAN generously let us share their tent at the foot of the Cyber EVO and Top Fuel Garages, where ALL the action was happening. If you’re in Sydney tomorrow, be sure to drop in and say G’Day!

More coverage on Zen Garage: http://zengarage.com.au/2012/08/zen-garage-wtac-day-1/

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