My new anthias which have added a lot more movement and colour to my tank.

My blue chromis have finally picked each other off and there’s only one guy left (there were 4 of them initially) so today Christina and I dropped into Kims in Ashfield in search for some schooling fish to add to the tank.

Schooling fish tend to be quite dumb and not afraid of people walking up to the tank, this helps the more intelligent and sometimes jumpy fish to calm down (my yellow and blue tangs tend to bolt for cover when I near the tank).

We spotted these beautiful Anthias. They school, they’re hardy and they’re placid too. The males and pink and females are orange but they can change sex too (and thus change colours). Pretty interesting huh? We bought 5 of them and we also got a whole lotta morphs too (Kim looked after us with a nice discount as well).

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