See-Saw update

A while back I mentioned that I’ve been invited to be a mentor in a 2 day Sydney Design 2010 project called See-Saw. Yesterday I got to meet the 4 students I’ll be mentoring at Gaffa Gallery where we’ll be participating in the project (as well as where the project will end up being displayed). Each one of them is from a different design school (COFA, UTS, Billy Blue and Enmore) and all of them have been specially selected by their respective schools to represent.

I’m pretty excited about the project and I think I’ve got a pretty cool crew. It’s hard not to be competitive (there are a few groups and disciplines, each with a different mentor) and luckily for me I have the brief before it all begins on the 4th of next month.

The 4 students I’ll be mentoring (excluding the big guy who was taking pics of us).

The brief the students will be getting on the 1st day of the project.

To find out more about the project visit:

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