I had all intentions to rest up on my ankle which I hurt ages ago on the huck at Manly, but couldn’t resist the BMU ride at Appin today so I went.

And what an awesome ride it was.

The sand on corners was so bad the 1st lap around, but better the 2nd time around. My ankle felt so good until the very end of the 1st lap, after a rest it was 100% again for the 2nd lap.

1st lap I had pro-pedal on, and I was bouncing around everywhere, so sketchy I had a hard time staying on the trail in parts. 2nd lap was a lot better with propedal off and a bit more air in my rear shock. Perfection! The thin and fast Kenda small block 8 on the rear was just perfect. I loved it and it never slipped even on the tech uphill stuff.

Tai and Cliffy pushed me to the limit for the 2nd half of the 2nd lap where we didn’t stop at all. I was seriously spent by the end of that lap, felt so bad, but so good at the same time.

All in all, great ride! So glad I made it. All the pics and running commentary are up here.

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