Australia Day

Quite a few things fell on today’s date. Australia day, Chinese New Years, My mothers B’day and it’s the year of the cow too which is my mums Chinese horoscope sign.

As usual, a lot of eating and being lazy too. The day was grey, unusual as Australia Day’s usually sunny. The tennis is on TV (beats being there live, been there, done that, didn’t really like it).

Strangely I’m looking forward to getting stuck into work tomorrow!

Here’s a few pics from the past few days:

Knog much? Rebel Sports were giving away these Knogs for $10 each. I assume people just didn’t know what they were, so they failed to sell at all and so they decided to get rid of them. I pretty much bought the lot!

Black SLR saddle is on the Paino. Looks great huh?!

My sisters bike with new rack and bag which I got her for Christmas :)

Her new Kitten Jasper! He’s a gorgeous Abysinian. His so tiny but his paws are massive.

Kung Hei!

Great beer this one. I’m a fan of crispy beers.

I cleaned up the Apollo I found on the side of the road and she’s now on eBay.

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