Australia Day

Suga was in the mood!

Suga’s boozy white wine chicken pie filling.

Applying egg for glaze.

Chicken pie perfection!

Mmmm prosciutto!

Mah hot potatoes!

Warm potato salad.

Salad bar at Mum’s.

Australia Day is Mum’s B’day too.

Coco and carrot cake. So intense.

Richie’s latest beer.

Suga and I had to help my sister and Richie cook for Mum’s B’day/Australia Day yesterday. We’re both noobs in the kitchen but we took up the challenge and I thought we did really well :) Suga made chicken pie (3rd time she’s made it and definitely the best so far) and I made a warm potato salad (hey gotta start somewhere!!!). Gotta admit I really enjoyed cooking this time around!

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One Response to Australia Day

  1. Paul says:

    Dude that looks amazing!