Sold on eBay

Goodbye Anthem. You were great.

Goodbye Mr. Ti. What an up and down journey it’s been. You’re a work of art despite your flaws.

Goodbye deathtrap. You were crazy fun!

Due to my fucked up financial situation I was forced to sell a few toys on eBay in order to pay off the Zoomer (why do I do this to myself?!). The Anthem sold for $2550 (rrp is over $6k!). It’s an awesome bike, climbs hills better than anything I’ve ridden but in the end of the day hills aren’t my thing. Riding it helps me to keep up with the fast boys but I’ve never had fun on the thing. My Reign on the other hand just carves up the corners when going downhill and it kicks ass on technical stuff too so it won, anthem lost and now Anthem is gone.

The Titanium bike sold for $810 which isn’t too bad. The frame has a defect in the bottom bracket but I managed to find a BB that fits and works fine. It’s a work of art with that huge imperfection. I love it lots and I’m going to miss this one for sure.

The deathtrap went for $521. It was crazy fun to build and even more fun to ride. It’s a shame it’s illegal to ride on the streets otherwise I’d have kept it and not got the Zoomer. I’ve got a feeling I know the guy who won it on eBay. I’ll soon find out I suppose!

I’ve also got a buyer for my 20inch SSR wheels which I ordered for the V35 Skyline I owned before owning the Golf. They’ll be gone next weekend, so all up that covers the Zoomer purchase, now to re-top-up my savings (which will never happen as I’ll most likely spend this cash on mods for the Zoomer!).

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