Back on the saddle

BMU hits the Dam.

Last night I got to sleep at 11.30PM and woke up at 3AM but instead of getting out of bed like I have been the past week I forced myself to stay in it and slept through until 5.45AM so it’s looking like I’m back on track. I had a piece of toast, a coffee, packed the Reign into the Jazz and set off to meet the guys at Manly Dam.

It started raining as soon as I got out of the car but it stopped before we set off on our ride. We had 9 guys with us this morning (I like riding in big groups). For the 1st half I was feeling AOK. My legs were fine but I was having trouble breathing. It felt like I was missing about 15% of my lung capacity but I still managed to stay in the middle of the pack.

We ran into another large group of riders and one guy was walking it up the techy 3 step section which was once such a challenge for me. I didn’t hop off the bike and managed to get up it at walking pace behind him which felt pretty good but after the big uphill (heartbreak hill they call it) I just died.

I got up the hill, but that was more mental strength than physical. When I stopped at the top I got dizzy and came so close to throwing up (I’ve never come so close to throwing up on a ride before). It felt like I wasn’t going to get any better but once I started pedalling I found that the sick feeling went away and I actually felt better (lesson learnt there). I stayed at the very back of the pack until the end haha.

Great ride, great to be back on the bike and I’m looking forward to getting my fitness levels back up there again for sure.

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