Buying a guitar with Richie the other day inspired me to get a few guitars out and start putting a bit of love into them (all of my guitars are so dirty and abused). My Jackson Flying V’s my fave guitar, it’s just got such a fast neck but I’ve worn a fret down which is pricey to fix and it’s also impossible to sit down and play (it’s got a “V” shaped body). My Fender Strat is a Korean Squire which I’d happily trade for an American one and my ESP LTD is shithouse. It’s not got a fast neck (although it should as it’s a metal shredder) and it’s got no tone at all, just completely flat.

Despite being a cheap Strat, the Fender has great tone and it’s lovely to play which makes me want to run out and buy a pimp one but I also want a shredder so I dropped Dave at a message to see if he could help me out.

My mates Chris (he used to be the sales guy at IS Motor Racing who look after my GT-R) and Dave have been importing immaculate rare guitars from Japan for a couple of years now. I designed their logo and site at mates rates and they’ve been doing great ever since they started. Dave was more than happy to help out and instantly started to send me images of guitars available in left handed versions. After a bit of discussion both online and on the phone he presented me with a killer guitar which I think fits the bill perfectly. I’ve put the money down and it should be here in a few weeks from now. I’m excited!

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