China Trip – Day #5 – Hong Kong

JR Marriott.

Fatty Tuna, Urchin and Roe on sushi rice.

We lost a day in transit today. Everyone was moving super slow due to lack of sleep, and we’ve got a pretty big group so it almost got testing. We spent most of the morning trying to get on a plane in China, and once we finally landed in HK we got stuck in hardcore traffic as the streets were blocked off for a protest of some sort, the traffic was so bad that we didn’t get to our hotels by dinner time.

I’m not a huge fan of HK. I’ve visited Hong Kong more times than any other country I’m pretty sure, mainly because Mum and Dad used to take my sister and I every single year for one of their 2 business trips (Mum used to own a couple of high fashion stores in the CBD back in the day). When I was a kid I hated it that I couldn’t speak Chinese, just made me feel dumb, still does!

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