Thanks and Praise

I’ve been meaning to reply to SO many people who’ve reached out to me in regards to counselling. Many who want to know more about the benefits, many who have even started to share their issues with me. In all truth I just haven’t had the energy to reply to most (you know that kills me), so I’ll be sure to make the effort in the next few weeks to give a much more detailed account of the bits that really worked for me.

In the meantime I wanted to share a heart warming message I got last night from Andrew Le. Reading it put more than just a smile on my face. I even read it out loud to Mum!

Hey Justin. How you doing buddy? Mate just wanted to personally wish you a happy new year, although we both get the luxury of enjoying 2 new years with Chinese new year approaching soon.

I also wanted to thank you for all the hard work and dedication and love that you’ve contributed to the car communities and not to mention the artwork you did for my 2010 WTAC Dr Honda Civic. Sadly I never got the chance to repay you for that, even though you did it for absolutely nothing. But if it’s counts, 8 years later I still haven’t forgotten your generous gesture. So I thank you once again.

Anyway this is the main reason I’m here and it’s to say thank you for sharing your highs with us, looking at semi naked hot chicks and just visualising what went on after the shoot was a good time killer that’s for sure. But I also would like to say I really admire and respect you for the way you openly share your lows with… everyone.

To follow your success over the years and then also to be able to see and read your darkest of times was something that definitely surprised me, but it was also something I could relate to, but I didn’t have the desire or have the courage to talk about it as I like to keep it to myself. So watching it all unfold and you openly sharing it with us was sad, personal and very raw, but what it did for me and I’m sure for others as well, was It helped me get through my darkest of days because I felt I wasn’t alone anymore.

So that alone gave me another reason to stay positive and soldier on. Believe it or not I just wish I could of just sat there with ya and just chat. Because I know you hadn’t even scratched the surface and there was a whole lot more you could of shared.

Counselling looks to be the way to go because it seems like it’s made some impact from what you’ve shared. I’m one of those people who likes to think I’m in control but am I really? Doesn’t seem like it sometimes. But hey you stay strong and a lot of people out there respect and admire what you do. Kudos! You are in control when you start speaking freely. Doesn’t it feel good when you stop caring about what others think? What I’ve learnt from this is when you speak freely as you have life just gets better and you instantly a sense of freedom hits you. So Thank you.
And all the best for the next year or all the best tomorrow. Lol.

Btw… Did you like….like… Ummm…get to shag little caprice? If so… I need to know more. And pics or didn’t happen. Haha. Take care mate ✌️.

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