Nano Reef – Fluval Edge 2 – UltraBrite LED

The LED unit is actually built into a factory Fluval Edge hood so that it looks exactly the same as the standard set-up.

The hood flipped to reveal the LED unit, with built in fan and splash guard underneath. Above it is the LED controller, which comes with software to program your sunrise to moonlight on a PC.

The old LED unit came off pretty easily.

The LED Controller (which can be hidden in the back of the Fluval Edge, out of sight).

All LED’s on.

Full tank shot. Crazy bright in comparison to the stock unit. Horrible shot though. I’ll have to shoot a video, the rippling water surface and the LED’s shining through it make for a really nice effect.

Today I received my custom built Fluval Edge UltraBrite Reef LED System which I upgraded with an automated controller that sets the unit to go from sunrise to sunset then moonlight over a 10 hour light period. SO COOL!

It’s so much brighter than the stock LED unit. I should be able to keep just about any coral that needs light to thrive. What’s especially awesome about it is that it looks no different to the OEM unit. IE: From the outside, nothing has changed. I’ve seen people go without the hood altogether and really cut up their Fluval Edge tanks which IMHO defeats the purpose of having a Fluval Edge!

These guys don’t have a site, but you can find them on eBay.

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8 Responses to Nano Reef – Fluval Edge 2 – UltraBrite LED

  1. curiouser says:

    Do the wires from the light unit to the controller run down the column in back of the tank along with the power cords for the thermometer and filter pump? If so what prevents those wires from bending when the lighting unit is lifted up (for feeding or water changes, etc) and then replaced on the tank? Could those folded wires get into the water below the ultrabrite?

    • Justin Fox says:

      Yes all wires run down the back and move very freely (both u and down) so you can very easily move the light/lid right out of the way to feed/do water changes!

  2. Labbe says:


    What is the price for this excellent piece? They usually cost a fortune.

  3. Jason says:

    Just out of interest… can you remember what specification system you opted for? They appear to be able to do custom jobs and add all sorts of gadgets – just wondered what you bought :)

    • Justin Fox says:

      I went all out with the controller and max power LED’s but not the cree! I wish I went all out and got the cree upgrade though! REGRET!

  4. Ben says:

    Hi just wondering where you got your ultrabrite love got from? Did you source it in Australia. I’ve got 2 fluval tanks I’ve been using for years. I’ve always wanted a saltwater tank. Looks like the biggest mod for the tank is the lighting.