Freezing midnight ride

Went for a freezing cold midnight ride with Felix and Jing last night. I’m supper happy with the 16 tooth cog on the rear of the single speed. It’s perfect. I do spin out at 30km/hr but I’m fine with that. Funny, but I’ve never bunny hopped over a gutter before, on our way down Maroubra road I tried it over an island and it just felt natural so I’m happy with that too. I’m still unable to do long wheelies/manuals though. Something I’ll nail soon with more practise I’m sure. The pic above was taken by Felix, he’s got an awesome camera set-up (he took pics of my old Mitsubishi EVO TME too). Check Felix’s site here and a very high res version of the image above here.

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2 Responses to Freezing midnight ride

  1. Paul says:

    So hot! Do you still have this?

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