Hunting for new ideas

I’m always on the hunt for new ideas, new directions, especially when it comes to work and money. Recently, at a JDMST meet, an old client of mine turned up (knowing that I would be there). He wanted to say thanks for all the hard work I put in on his job/start-up a few years back, and that he’d just raked in $7 million last financial year. It hit me like a 2 tonne heavy thing that I did all that hard work for peanuts, and that none of that $7 million dollars was mine. If only I’d done design/marketing work in exchange for a small percentage, even if it was only 3% I’d be laughing.

So whilst I’m still doing freelance design work this year, this year has been about futures and looking for something a little more invested. I’ll soon reveal what projects I’m involved in. More on the topic soon.

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