Last weekend’s JDMST EOMM was held at JDMyard. The last few meets have been awesome, the old school faces are coming back out and the vibe’s been great, not to mention some insane cars as always. You can find good coverage of the meet (lots of people with cameras these days!) here.

And in other related news: Suga scratched a rim. Might not be a big deal to some of you but it’s a massive deal for some of us! She almost cried. If it was me I’d be both crying and losing sleep.


And this is my new flywheel for the GT-R, which I get back this week minus a new quiet exhaust which is still on the way in from Japan.

And in not so related news. I had a booking with Apple to fix my iPhone on Saturday night and they fixed it in 10 minutes by doing a “screen reset”. Happy… I suppose?!

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