Deep-fried short rib with snails and asparagus, definitely my fave dish of the night.

Anise & chervil meringue on a bed of corn custard.

Jess and I, wasted, seated right in the middle on the bench overlooking the kitchen, best seats in the house!

Jess wanted to get dressed up one last time before she goes overseas on her epic adventure, so she booked us in to Momofuku for an amazing meal. I’d been once before back in 2012, but last time I didn’t do the beverage pairing. This time we went for the full pairing and my God we got trashed! SO much booze, so awesome! The menu was completely different to last time too, the chefs as well, but that same David Chang iPod playlist was in full force with AC/DC blasting from the speakers.

Jess took photos of all the food, and booze. I took some notes, but my notes got worse as the night rolled on (haha). I’m sure her blog post will be much more comprehensive than mine, look out for it on her blog soon.

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