It’s warming up and Monday night Loftus rides are on again.

I sold my niterider lights before winter kicked in as they weren’t bright enough for the pace we were starting to go at, not to mention that as it got colder and darker earlier we all failed to keep up night riding so it was a good time to sell them. Another reason for selling them was that I heard that the new Ayups were going to be on sale soon (they’re Australian made lights which everyone else is using, not cheap but they’re damn bright).

Tonight I borrowed one of Jing’s lights but the good news is that the new Ayups are now on sale, bit more expensive than last time but they’re more refined (brighter and more waterproof kit). I was still way off the pace but at least I didn’t feel sick like I did last ride. The weather was perfect too, not too cold, just right, no mozzies, perfect.

I had planned to come back home to a roast chook but the boys wanted to hit up McDonalds so I did the social thing and tagged along. After reading Charles’s review of the new Angus Burger I gave it a go and too right it was juicy and wasn’t as bad as some of the crap burgers I’ve had at pricey cafe’s. Can’t say I’d recommend them though, that would be bad Kharma right?

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