Jesus Christ

When I was a kid I was baptised and went to Catholic schools but I never understood Religion. I never felt it then and I still don’t feel it now but the 3 week Europe trip, especially visiting Rome, has changed something in my thinking.

Whilst Jesus Christ (“Christ” might not even be his real “surname”? Perhaps Jesus of Nazareth is a little more accurate?) is the central figure of Christianity I’m still unsure of how Christianity gets the whole “Jesus is divine” thing. The resurrection after his crucifixion, the “Son of God” who came to provide salvation by his death for their sins, his virgin birth, performance of miracles, ascension into Heaven, it’s all quite fascinating.

I don’t believe in Christianity but after soaking up so much historical art, architecture and culture from Rome I am now pretty sure of one thing, and that is that Jesus did actually exist, that he was a Jew who was regarded as a teacher, that he was baptised by John the Baptist and was crucified on the charge of sedition against the Roman Empire.

On a side note: I loved surrealist art when I was in high school and viewing all of that amazing art (especially the stuff depicting scenes in Heaven and Hell, demons, angels with wings, cherubs etc.) in Rome with the same eyes opened me up to appreciating the creativity of Religious art a whole lot more.

Might sound stupid, but it’s a bit of clarity to me. /Spam

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