Paul & Laura

Jamie and Richie cooked up this insanely naughty chunk of pork with plenty of the good sauce to go around.

This speaking and moving cookie monster toy begs for cookies which are stored in his backpack, you then feed him and he goes “om nom nom”. Haha love it.

We smashed this pav. So good.

Paul & Laura.

Had a lovely chilled dinner last night with Jamie, Richie, Paul & Laura. Paul’s one of Richie’s good mates and the last time I met them was about 5 years ago at my wild NYE house party. Fell in love with the two straight away, both such awesome people. They’ve been living in the UK but Paul’s landed a job in NZ and they’ve made a quick stop-over in Sydney to visit Miles. They were doing great considering they just got off the plane from London last night!

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