Valentines Day @ Cafe Paci

Jess booked us in to Cafe Paci, which used to be the old Cafe Pacifico (previously open for 15 years). The building is about to be redeveloped (look closely at the picture you’ll spot a development proposal on the wall), so Cafe Paci is a pop-up store of sorts. Very smart that they just rubbed off a few letters!

The entire space inside has been greyed out, it’s a nice moody place to be, kinda feels like an art gallery.

Valentines Menu.

Complimentary Valentines Day Champers got our heads spinning!

‘Easter Egg’. Straight up, this dish reminded me of Marque. We were in for a treat.

Warm rye tacos were amazing. I would happily have had a full sized one!

Salt and vinegar fish skin, corn with togarishi and duck sandwich with pickled rose. Dreamy goodness!

Even the bread was amazing. Finnish style apparently, 3 days in the making and then covered with sticky yummy stuff.

Blue swimmer crab and plum, delish!

‘That’s Amore’. This was my fave dish. It was an angus tartare with dried tomato, parmesan, garlic and oregano but one spoonful and BAM, it tasted like a Spag Bol, perhaps the best I’ve ever tasted!

Oh, and if you’re wondering what my date looks like, here’s Jess, isn’t she gorgeous?! Not taking a selfie, just making sure her lens is clean!

This dish was interesting. Onions, lemon vinegar, mullet roe and hazelnut.

‘Photato’ – Yup, a deconstructed Vietnamese Pho. Amazeballs! The meat was next level. Loved it.

Looks like an egg, but it’s yoghurt with carrot sorbet in the middle and liquorice at the bottom. What a Heston-esque treat!

Malt, banana and parsley, over the top this dish. Super strange to me, but Jess loved it (and she hates Parsley!).

And finally, pop corn flavoured fairly floss (wild!) and pork and fennel petit fours. What a feast, Jess and I loved it. Food was awesome. Staff were amazing too!

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