Westone Thunder IA Bass



Being a left handed guitarist sux balls. All those times when some fucker who can’t play whips out a guitar at the end of a party, but you can’t play it because it’s upside down, and all the times I’ve walked into a guitar store only to find a billion amazing right handed guitars and 3 shit lefties.

I’m always scouring eBay for left handed guitars. I tend to lean towards the $500-$1000 bracket (if I didn’t spend so much money on “cheap” guitars I’d have my ultimate American Strat by now!). Last week I came across this beauty! A Japanese made Westone Bass (they went down in the 80’s). I’ve never owned a bass guitar and I won this baby for $150!!!

When I went to go pick it up I was greeted by an old Italian man. We got chatting and it turns out the guy moved to Australia and landed a job as a session bassist. He’s been a professional bass guitarist his whole life and this particular bass has played gigs with Tina Turner and Roy Orbison! FUCKING WOW! He used to play it on a boat a lot too, and when the seas got wild he’d find the bass on the floor at times, so it’s got a lot of battle scars, which I love! The action on it is SO LOW, and was set up by a Fender technician who was a good friend of his.

What a score, what a story! Love!

PS: Click here for more info on the guitar.

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